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  • "Engineering Design: No job is too technical for us"

What we do

Brantley Industries, LLC (BI), a SAMS registered Small Business, has been in operation since January, 2014. BI is a full service design engineering, AE, R&D and construction support company with experience in the design and build of some of the most advanced infrastructure and components in the United States. The principle members of the organization have extensive experience in civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, nuclear, radiation transport, nuclear fusion, R&D and power design, fabrication and construction.

Our background speaks for itself. We are industry leaders and technical experts with real world experience in complex design. Click below for more information on our background.

Our structural analyses expertise is in a class of its own. We have a history of innovation that has allowed us to overcome "impossible" technical challenges. Click below to learn more about our technical expertise and leadership.